Top 10 Products Used to Promote a New Business

Most of the time when businesses first start up, they do not have a huge marketing budget. A lot of the time they are still trying to find their niche and are wary of how customers will respond. Distribution of affordable promotional products is the perfect marketing strategy that will not break the bank.

            In a study by the Promotional Products Association International, 83% of customers like to receive promotional products and 85% of those customers, end up doing business with the advertiser. These numbers should make you feel confident in putting your logo on a product.

            However, using promotional products to advertise your business is a strategy. It is important to have a promotional product plan to get your desired results. The plan must include your target audience, what promotional products you will use, and what message you are trying to convey to that audience.  So, research, research, research. Once you know your potential consumers well, it will be easy to choose the right promotional products that your target audience will find useful on a daily basis.

            When buying your promotional products, you can purchase the standard stuff, like note pads, pens, mugs etc., but when the customer receives it, the product might not illicit an emotional response. Buy products that your target audience will like and that add value to your brand. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and ask your potential customers about promotional products they would like to have.

            Avoid buying huge amounts of those promotional products.  They may not be used all at one time and what is left over may take up space in your office. Not to mention, that could get expensive, especially if the target audience does not react well to the promotional product.  When distributing the products, be sure to create relationships with the consumer. Face-to-face relationships would be ideal. Do not just create another contact.

Bottom line is buying promotional products that are useful, impactful, and in-expensive. Here are the top 10 promotional products to use to promote your new business:

1. Ball Point Stic Pens

Bright colored pens that sport your business’s logo and color would be especially useful product. Customers use pens daily and keep them for long periods of time.

2. Grocery Tote Bags

Really, any type of bag is a good promotional product. Your customers will carry the tote bag with you company logo on it around with them, thus giving you free advertising. Also, a good choice for the eco-friendly customer.

3. Flashlight Key Chain

These can be used in emergencies, like when the power goes out or when you are trying to unlock your car in a dimly lit area. These can always be on the customers person.

4. Silicon Cell Phone Sleeve

This is a very affordable product. Customers can use this to store their ID cards, credit cards, etc. on the back of their phone.

5. Stress Balls

They can be a very welcomed distraction for a moment of high stress. They keep stress levels low and relieve stress in a playful way.

6. USB Chargers

A portable USB Charger a client can take with them on the go would be extremely useful. Who has not had to charge their phone on the go?

7. Hand sanitizers

These are essential to keep away bad germs. Are particularly useful and with the current situation, a product in high demand.

8. Smooth Stadium Cups

Ideal for potential customers who attend sporting events. They can sip on beverages during the events.

9. Bike Bottles

When customized with your brand logo, these water bottles can be a walking advertisement for your business. Clients carry them with them on the go.

10. Computer Mouse Pads

Almost every house and office have computers. The surface area on a mouse pad is much bigger, you can print elaborate and bigger designs onto the pad.

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